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JBF On Demand is a year-round money making solution for you! It gives you a way to sell throughout the year and create more room in your home.

  1. Sign up HERE to make an appointment!
  2. Our buyer meets you to browse and purchase items.
  3. You make money...on the spot! Cash paid at the time of purchase.


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Here’s how YOU can get in on the fun with JBF On Demand:

  • SELL YOUR ITEMS ANYTIME! You don’t have to wait for a JBF Sale! Sell anything current in style that is free of rips, holes, stains and tears—keep in mind we are looking for the best of the best in gently-used items!
  • SHOP for items you need at your local JBF HUGE Kids' Sale! We have THOUSANDS of items to choose from!
  • SAVE time and money. No tagging, no garage sale organizing—it’s fast and easy. Plus, you don’t have to list items on sites where you have limited exposure to a small buying group. We’ve got a built-in network!
  • SMART! Now you can shop, sell and save whenever you want! JBF On Demand. Now that really IS smart!


Just Between Friends Broomfield/Brighton is the perfect venue for local businesses to reach out to area families!


Let us help you promote your kid/family friendly business - to bring the community together! JBF offers family-friendly business owners the opportunity to reach out to thousands of local families at each community event.

Does your target market include families with young children in the Broomfield/Brighton/North metro area? If you are looking for an affordable way to tell area families about your products and/or services, you might want to consider partnering with Just Between Friends Broomfield/Brighton to spread the word. Put information about your business into the hands of hundreds of local families!

If you have ideas to help us promote our upcoming JBF Event, through your business, we are willing to explore any cross-promotion options to offset your cost of advertising through us. Contract us to let us know your ideas. Please submit requests or inquiries to carynberg@jbfsale.com.



Always set a budget!

Take time to assess what you have and what you need for your kids. Come armed with a list and write down any sizes that you need. We do not accept returns so it is helpful to know exactly what size you are looking for at the sale. What items do you need the most? Find those first!

Know your clothing brands, and know new purchase prices on gear and toys before you buy used.

Wear comfy shoes and clothes.

Children and strollers ARE permitted during all PUBLIC shopping hours, however we recommend arranging for childcare to allow you dedicated time to shop.

Bring a laundry basket tied with a belt to use as a shopping cart. We also have large IKEA bags that you will be able to use while at the event.

If your arms get full, visit our HOLD AREA. We will hold items for up to one hour while you continue to shop.

Think about upcoming holidays and gifts that you may need! In addition to great clothing items, we have an awesome assortment of toys, books, games, dvds and other great gifts. Look for items that are new with tags that can be used as baby or other gifts!

Bring a snack and water (especially for you mommies-to-be)!

Check all items before you buy! Look for stains, tears, fading, working zippers. We try to catch all this, but it's good to check! Remember, there are no returns...

Return on half-price day for deals on pajamas, play clothes, and possibly outdoor toys.

Use the buddy system! It is always more fun to shop with a friend (or two).

Volunteer your time and shop even earlier!

Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should you need accommodation in order to fully participate in our Just Between Friends Sale, please contact us at 720.320.5892 (call or text!) or at carynberg@jbfsale.com

SUPERTIP: A quick way to check the length of pants is to measure a pair from home that fit using a piece of string. Cut the string so that it is the length of the pants from the waist to the bottom of the pants leg. If the pants at the sale are shorter than the string, you know that they will be floods on your child. Then, trace your child's foot on cardboard and bring it to slip into shoes, this is the best way to see "if the shoe fits" when your children are not with you. Attach the string to the tracing and you have a convenient measuring tool!



Caryn Berg

720-320-5892 (voice or text)

JBF Broomfield/Brighton Consignor Group


Raising kids can be SO expensive.

Over the years of being involved with JBF my four kids have both consigned and shopped the sales. This has been a HUGE help not only to our pocketbook, but also to their sense of style. They find the brands they want at ridiculously discounted prices and it doesn't break the bank!